***Under Production with Heyou Media for a TV Series***

It is 1857 in the American Pacific Northwest where less than 3500 non-natives have begun settlements. Tensions betwen local indigenous tribes and pioneer settlers are growing. The U.S. territorial governor has called for a "war of extermination" against natives.

Complicating it all, the local British and U.S. Armies begin preparing for war in a boundary dispute. Haida native Anah-nawitka, widely known by native foes and white settlers as "The Black Wind," addicted to the rush of his kills and the satisfaction of delivering vengeance to the encroaching white colonists, embarks on yet another predatory raid to the south.

Boston-bred Emmy Evers carves out a life for herself and her family amidst her island home's wild streams and woods while her husband Isaac, a prominent local leader, is frequently away. This is a frontier where a tenuous peace will soon give way, and test the will and endurance of one exceptional woman.



"Historical fiction is rarely embraced and executed as well as is Widow Walk. One might easily compare it to HBO’s Game of Thrones -- without the dragons.”

– Tom Skerritt, Actor, Director, Producer

"Skillfully entwines the paths of his well-built characters & shines as a historian and storyteller of the first order… an earnest, intelligent treat for fans of historical fiction."

- Kirkus Reviews

"An unabashed glimpse into the challenges of existence for people of all kinds… A truly excellent work of historical fiction, and an exemplary start to a series."

– John Staughton, Self Publishing Review

"American Historical Fiction in the finest tradition; a direct descendent of Last of the Mohicans and Cold Mountain. Clean, devastating prose that clutches at your heart."

-- Richard Barager, Book of the Year Awards Silver Medal Recipient